About Us

Beauty from Within – goal is to reach out to and service women who have gone through many hurtful battles in their lives, and are at a place where they are tired, and searching for true inner peace.

What we want to do is get to the core of the issues, and begins to chisel away at the wall that surrounds the heart.  Often times as women, we become so busy with helping others that we often forget to take time out for ourselves, and most importantly God.

Pain and hurt from our past often dictate who we are today and how we respond to different situations.  In this life perception is everything, and our past experiences can often affect how we view daily obstacles in our life.  Often becoming offended and angry and not even realizing it.    Perhaps, satan used those situations to keep us right in the place of anger, unforgiveness, insecurity, and despair because he knows the plan God has for your life and the role you will play in Gods kingdom.

Our goal here is to prepare the heart for Christ.    Jennie Allen, the author, of Chase and Stuck husband made a profound statement,  “Changed lives change lives.”   If you allow God into the inner struggles of your heart the walls will begin to come down.

We want to teach you to fully trust and depend on the Master Himself so you can have inner peace.